Define the new purifier catagory

The main challenge of this campaign is to announce something that is new in the market. Being in such a compact size. It is different from how people usually use a purifier.

Campaign key visual

The visual is taken a minimalistic approach with style. Showing how to interact with the machine, pollution being drawn in. Then project purified air in a precise way, wrapping around the user.


To create an intriguing teaser. I based on the idea of the unique air control with Pure Cool Me. Having a hand comes in to move the airflow down with the nice dome shape.

Global launch events

It is all around you

The TVC is based on the idea of purified air surrounding the user. Creating a purified personal space. As well as educating how the machine works. The TVC is a blend of bringing the airflow technology with an orbiting camera around the user, in different usage scenarios.