Experience the 1963

To celebrate the first commercially available Single Malt Whisky, Glenfiddich relaunches its first whisky “1963”. To introduce this to the consumer in Taiwan, the second largest whisky market in the world. We have created a campaign that bring people back to the good old time.

Campaign structure

Create a Pop-up pub with a 1963 theme.

A themed bar was created in center of Taipei. Serving different paring of whisky and unique whisky ice cream. With a brand story area to build a strong brand heritage.


Form an online to offline experience with the event site.

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Create Digital Bar 1963 experience with additional physical locations to create a sustaining campaign.

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A pub that transports you to the past.

The idea of the campaign is to create a unique experience for the audience to go back in time. Experience the brand history of Glenfiddich and how they created the first commercially available single malt whisky.

Event site intro

To create a full-blown integrated campaign, I have also created an event site that explains what is the Glenfiddich Bar 1963. With an introduction that highlights the key events during that time period, with the first commercially available Single Malt whisky being part of the history.

Event site design