Operation Black Box

Blending reality with a digital campaign

The idea

For the OnePlus Black Friday event, we developed a marketing campaign called “Operation Black Box” that engages with our community and reaches new audiences. The campaign is inspired by the “Blind Box” product that OnePlus has sold in the past, which is a box containing a random item that can be purchased at a low price. We created a series of visuals featuring the Black Box in various unexpected scenes to generate interest and anticipation.

Campaign stages


Pre launch

Engage with selected community members and ask them to pre-plan the box on Google Maps

Four weeks of fun

With new box makes available at the start of each week to keep the momentum going.

Final high note

Golden Box released on last week giving away a lifetime of OnePlus flagship device. Pushing traffic further to the campaign and ecommerce for their sales event.

Seeding the campaign

Before the campaign launch, we invited our ambassadors to hide the Black Box in various locations around Europe and share the coordinates on Google Maps. We also teased the campaign on social media and forums to get people excited about the upcoming event.


A full November of fun

When the campaign launched, we invited our audience to search for the Black Box coordinates on our Instagram and official website, and those who found the box on Google Maps had the chance to win a free device. We released a new box each week to keep people engaged, and in the final week of the campaign, we released a special “Golden Box” containing a lifetime supply of OnePlus smartphones.


The results of the campaign were impressive. On the first day of the campaign launch, we saw a 180% increase in traffic to our e-commerce page, and the social media posts across Europe’s Instagram accounts were the most engaging posts we’ve had in recent years. Our best-performing market saw over 1200 likes and 750+ comments on the first social post, and we exceeded our traffic target by 800%. Overall, Operation Black Box was a great success.”


traffic to official site


overachievement of traffic


engagements on organic posts